Hello everyone :) My name is Berlyn, I love to sing and dance. I am a KPOPer and Anime lover ^^. I'm a BLACKJACK, VIP, SHAWOL and EXOTIC ^^.

My new sounds:


—Dodol Pop Alarm


XIUMIN Dodol Pop Alarm (Korean ver.)

Hello, it’s Xiumin. Yes, everyone, let’s open your eyes and do a morning exercise with me. Yes, first, raise your right hand and while bringing it down, shout “I’m growling, growling, growling.”

How was it, it’s really easy, right? If you’ve mastered the first stage of Growl choreography, please go and revise our Growl mv and learn the other choreopgrahy sometimes later. First, wake up!

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Park Chanyeol


park chanyeol seducing you in 45 seconds

Wae? >…

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[130805] Luhan - OTW to KBS Immortal Song.

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Xiu-freakingobvious-han strikes again

the boys are getting super sassy (?) in China, just look at those bazzilion pics of otps

XiuHan is sailing ^___^ <3